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How can I Know He’s Intrigued Without Wondering and Seeming Needy?

Reader Question:

I’ve seen this person one or two occasions and he sends me pics of themselves (partial nude). The guy appears curious when we talk and Skype, but he never ever has actually time and energy to in fact see myself.

Really don’t wanna waste my personal time if he’s not interested, but exactly how do I’m sure without asking and appearing needy? We similar to him.

-Lynn P. (Florida)

Specialist’s Response:

Hi Lynn,

I am curious once you state you « viewed » this guy once or twice. Do you suggest personally or online? Next you say, « He appears curious when we talk and Skype, but the guy never features time for you to really see me. » Consequently, i’ll assume the both of you never fulfilled out in the real world.

Why don’t we consider the opportunity this particular guy is already connected – definition he has got a sweetheart or a spouse. Maybe he’s annoyed in the union and as opposed to literally cheating on their companion, he is emotionally cheating on the – to you. Really does that noise possible?

I’m merely believing that if this man was carrying-on an on-line connection because he was thinking about having it blossom into an authentic relationship, would not he do that at this point?

My advice is this: end operating your self insane and ask he just what their intentions tend to be. If anything smells fishy, it probably is.

Best of luck!


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